Various lectures on improvisation and composition, and on composition as a tool for improvisation.

Developing your own voice. What to work on and how to work on it.

Piano masterclasses

. Building, consolidating or refining a piano technique. How to really practice and improve your scales and arpeggios. Special emphasis on tone production.

. Comping, harmony and rhythm. The piano in the rhythm section.

. A specific chapter on vocal accompanying. How to play for singers and their repertoire.


. Small ensemble trio to quintet with original material, jazz standards, and oral teaching and dictation.

. Large ensemble (big band) coaching. Original music in the Thad Jones-Bob Brookmeyer vein. This music and other arrangements have been recorded by the WDR Jazz Orchestra.

NB: I also teach thru skype.


Solo piano (various programs, Monk, Gershwin, Strayhorn)

Solo piano + vocals CD "Amsallem Sings" (2009)

Trio w/Viktor Nyberg and Gautier Garrigue

All-original program

Thelonious Monk program

George Gershwin program

Piano Trio + vocals CD "Franck Amsallem Sings" (2014)

Duo or Quartet with vocalists Sacha Boutros, Sara Lazarus, Melanie Dahan.

Piano Trio + vocals. New CD "Franck Amsallem Sings Vol. II" (2014)

Trio and guests: Irving Acao, Rick Margitza, Stephane Belmondo, Philip Catherine,

Jerry Bergonzi, Tim Ries (from the Rolling Stones band), Olivier Ker Ourio.

Larger Band

Big band music -all original material- in the Thad Jones/Brookmeyer/Bill Holman/Johnny Mandel vein

"Nuits", music for string orchestra, perc. and jazz quartet

"Bud will be back shortly", for string orchestra and jazz soloist

"Place du Temps", chamber music w/a jazz tinge (instrumentation: piano, percussion, trumpet, clarinet, bassoon, violin, cello)

"Sax Summit", Irving Acao, Jon Boutellier, Pierrick Pedron w/the Franck Amsallem Trio